Browser Based Seamless Language Acquisition

If you have been looking for a 21st Century Language Lab that is easy to use, and always available; your search is over!

The new web-based ReLANpro ᴸANY only requires a browser and a little bit of your teaching magic.

Just Add Students...


The ReLANpro ᴸANY can be used on ANY device: Smart Phone, Tablet, PC, Mac, Chromebook, ᴸANYtime, ᴸANYwhere...


Features and capabilities

Student Application:

Access anywhere and anytime

Web Based via Browser only

Listen to audio (Lesson)

Record student voice to audio (Lesson)

Create “Insert Answer” gaps in audio

Create “Insert Answer” gaps in video

Subtitle any video

Reading exercises

Writing exercises

Audio Pairing

Video Pairing

Live audio features (Monitor and Intercom)

Special AP testing module


Teacher Application:

Access anywhere and anytime

Web Based via Browser only

 Listen to audio (Student Responses)

 Record comments to student answer

 Create comment/feedback audio gaps

 Create gaps in audio to insert answer

 Watch video

 Record voice to video

 Create gaps in video to insert answer

 Subtitle any video

 Reading Exercises

 Text Exercises

UNLIMITED  Number of teachers

UNLIMITED Number of students

ReLANpro Server:

UNLIMITED ReLANpro Server Space

Request product information

Are you interested in finding out how easy it is to implement the ReLANpro ᴸANY on any of your devices? Well, let’s talk. For for a free presentation at your school site contact ASC Direct, Inc. at (800) 613-9554 or email sales