BYOLL: Bring Your Own Language Lab. A free language lab for everyone!

ReLANpro, inventor of the “all-digital” language lab (1990) and the first professional-use language learning app for tablets and smartphones, has seen the many problems teachers face in embracing new learning methodologies firsthand. The good news is that aside from acknowledging these problems, we also came up with a solution: a full version of our software and apps. And even better: it’s free.

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Students use the app to listen to their teacher’s instructions and record their oral responses. The content server –included BYOLL package – can hold any language teaching materials.

BYOLL offers the advantages of a self-study language lab from the student’s own device – anywhere!

  • Teacher materials from the ReLANpro content server are downloaded to the student’s device and saved as a master file.
  • The students’ answers are recorded to a separate track and saved. Their answers are then uploaded to the content server for teachers to access and grade.
  • All recordings provide a bookmark automatically for easier grading.
  • Teachers can provide instant feedback.
  • BYOLL is available to anyone from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

See how it works in this 1 minute video!

ReLANpro is the first digital language lab company to offer a new technology free of charge, no strings attached, to work in concert with BYOT policies. We call it BYOLL: Bring Your Own Language Lab. 

We are committed to help and eliminate the barriers between modern technology and our students’ success. Therefore we designed our system to accommodate you, the teacher, and your class of up to thirty students in a simple and straightforward way.

The era of 24/7-language acquisition is upon us and your students are in tune with any of their devices. We invested our time and financial resources in creating the first cloud-based digital language lab with a Windows, MAC, smartphone and tablet interface, supporting virtually any OS. Now it is up to you to take up this unique opportunity and embrace the future on behalf of your students.

BYOLL, a language lab application, is now available to students using any of their devices, allowing them access to their lessons anywhere and at any time. The app is available for any school, even if you do not presently have a language lab.

BYOLL can be installed on any device and extends the experience of the classroom language lab the students have at school. Teachers can create their own exercises and upload them onto the ReLANpro content server that the students can access 24/7.

You can apply now for your free license for ReLANpro BYOLL for 1 teacher and 30 students with 1 GB of space on our ReLANpro Server. We are sure you are going to love it. If you prefer unlimited student and teacher access, you can contact us for the ReLANpro BYOLL Plus.

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Cross-curricular applications for BYOLL and BYOLL Plus

Not only can the foreign language and ESL departments use BYOLL, but since it is for audio use it can be used in the following: improve speech (speech), listen to a Presidential debate (debate), Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches (social studies/history), a concert (orchestra/band), or an opera or show tune (choir/drama), reading practice, etc.

Are you interested in finding out how easy it is to implement the ReLANpro on any of your devices? Well, let’s talk. For for a free presentation at your school site contact ASC Direct, Inc. at (800) 613-9554 or email sales